One unit.
One therapy.

Simple handling facilitates safe treatment

The Vivano System simplifies wound treatment in a large number of indications. All components are coordinated to work optimally with each other.
  • VivanoTec unit
  • VivanoMed wound dressing kit
  • VivanoService: all-round support
"Everything works together.
That is the strength of the system. "
The VivanoTec unit

Intuitive. Powerful. Accurate.

Meet the VivanoTec Unit.

The VivanoTec negative unit from HARTMANN is designed to support you. It combines an intuitive interface with high precision therapy settings and excellent reliability.

It is light in weight and compact. Thus, suitable for stationary as well as mobile use.

Learn about the VivanoTec unit

The VivanoMed wound dressing kit

The right things always come together

Meet the VivanoMed Kit

The VivanoMed wound dressing kit offers everything you need for a safe and efficient wound healing.

  • Pre-assembled
  • Perfectly matched
  • Ready to use

Learn about Dressing Solutions


Personalized. Professional.

VivanoService just for you

VivanoService from HARTMANN is the perfect complement to all areas of negative pressure wound therapy and is tailored to the individual requirements of everyday therapy environment.

  • Intelligent tariff structure
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Professional instruction seminars
  • Integrated wound therapy
  • Highly effective disinfectants
  • Case management