The VivanoMed wound dressing kits

The right things always
come together

Innovative. Efficient. Safe.

For fast dressing change

Everything that is needed to change the dressing the user will find on the practical tray in a sterile packing and ready-to-use. With respect to their properties, the individual components have been adapted perfectly to their purpose and are full of useful details.
VivanoMed Foam

Small details can make
a big difference

The VivanoMed Foam is made out of polyester polyurethane foam,which has a higher fracture toughness than polyether polyurethane foam. The advantage: fewer particles are left in the wound, leading to fewer incidences of inflammation that could slow down the healing process.

Thanks to its special chemical structure, the foam is easy to remove from the wound. The advantage: newly formed granulation tissue is protected. It can be cut to size and is available in different sizes.

VivanoTec Port

Complete pressure control

A multi-lumen system made of silicone:
Interval-based flushing of the lumen: for measuring
pressure directly at the wound.
The advantage: provides the most precise treatment
possible, creating the best conditions for success.

Patented* Vivano®Tec Port design:
Resistance nubs inside the multi-lumen tube prevent
the internal tube walls sealing up, thus preventing
blockages when there is pressure on the port tubing.
The advantage: guarantees a trouble-free treatment.

* EP2515989B1, active in AT, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, PL, SE, TR


Safe sealing

A reliable sealing is indispensable for an effective
therapy. Special adhesive properties of Hydrofilm ensure
the excellent tightness. Extremely high moisture vapour
transmission rate reduces the risk of skin maceration.
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VivanoMed Abdominal Kit

Safety for the patient, convenience for the surgeon.

Care and closure of the open abdomen simply and safely

with Vivano. NPWT reduces mortality rates significantly*.

* Lenz et al.: Chirurg (2006) 77: 580-585,P.B. van Hensbroek: World J Surg (2009)
33:199-207,T. Wild: Zentralbl. Chir (2006) 131: 111-114

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Abdominal Organ Protection Layer

Effective and protective.

Care and closure of the open abdomen simply and
safely with Vivano: VivanoMed Organ Protection Layer
safeguards organs against adhering to the abdominal
wall. The application pockets ensure simple and safe
insertion into the abdomen.


  • Capillary action: High drainage capability in the
    entire abdominal cavity, also with highly viscous fluids.
  • Hook and loop action: Keeps foam and organ
    protection layer tightly connected while organs remain
    free. Ten times higher friction values on the upper film
    surface than in competitor products.

Application pockets

  • Simple and safe: For insertion and positioning
    between organs and the abdominal wall.
  • Convenient: Pockets facilitate surgical work.

Stability and drapability

  • High stability: Breaking strain is many times higher
    than in competitor products.
  • Supple: Adapts to organs.
  • Quickly tailored: Can be cut and adapted in any