The VivanoTec negative pressure unit

Vivano makes your negative
pressure therapy safe and easy

The VivanoTec unit

Intuitive. Powerful. Accurate.

Ergonomic design and well thought-out details ensure the highest of operating comfort.
The attractive unit is light in weight and compact. Thus, it is suitable for stationary as well
as mobile use. Powerful, high-quality technology ensures long lasting reliable operation.
The VivanoTec touch screen

Intuitive handling.
Comfortable to use.

The bright well readable colour display is designed
to grant intuitive operation. With a few touches, the
therapy settings are adjusted and the unit is ready to

  • All functions at a glance
  • User-friendly icons
  • Day and night mode with auto on/off display
  • Key lock prevents unintended setting changes
  • Visual indicator showing sealing status
  • 100% of the physicians surveyed in a study attested
    an easy-to-handle user interface and expressed a clear
    preference for Vivano units. (Source: Insight view research & consulting,
    July 2009)

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Vivano watches out

In case of malfunctions, a visual and acoustic warning signal

appears immediately.
Self-explanatory symbols help to react correctly.

"I never would have thought that being connected to a device would give me more freedom."

Precise pressure measurement

Controlled by a microprocessor, the pressure is measured directly on
the wound which ensures the highest precision of the therapy.

Gentle adaptation of suction intensity

For an especially gentle treatment, an intelligent control takes over
the adjustment of the suction capacity. Depending on the size of
the wound, the negative pressure is automatically built up faster or
slower until the target pressure value is reached.

Comfortable night mode

In order to allow the patient to sleep quietly at night, the light of
the screen is adapted automatically. The built-in sensor recognises a
change in conditions and darkens the display by inversion.

Quiet and discreet

The quite VivanoTec unit and the additional VivanoTec bag, which ensures discretion, allows the patient to participate in social life. The result: a very high patient compliance.

Mobility to actively participate in life

16 hours of freedom before recharging of battery is required. Light
weight of 1.2 kg (without exudate canister) and compact size
makes it easily portable
Time for more transparency

The VivanoTec Exudate Canister

The new exudate canister

Better assessment of exudate with inspection window and without superabsorber.

Built-in inspection window with no SAP bag:
The exudate is not absorbed so it remains unchanged. The advantage: it is easy to check the amount, consistency and colour of the exudate.

Innovative surge-prevention system:
Stops exudate from sloshing around in the container. The advantage: no annoying sounds for the patient for optimal patient compliance.

The new filter protection system:
Stops the filter getting wet before the container is full, despite the unabsorbed exudate. The advantage: efficient alarm management.

  • Unbreakable material
  • Odor filter
  • Sterile
  • 800 ml or 300 ml containers
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More opportunities for mobility
Whether at home or on the go

with the VivanoTec Accessories patients can participate in life.
Indispensable for walks is the VivanoTec Shoulder Strap or the
VivanoTec Bag. Secure fixation of the VivanoTec is achieved through
the VivanoTec Docking Station.