Vivano Application

Simple handling facilitates
safe treatment.

Negative pressure wound therapy with Vivano

One system for many indications

Vivano is indicated in patients profitting from removal of infectious material through negative pressure. Treatment with Vivano is appropriate in the following types of wound: Chronic, acute, traumatic, dehiscent wounds, ulcer (e.g. pressure or diabetic ulcer) grafts and burns.
"Another complicated wound mastered. All with one unit. "

Attention!: VivanoMed Kits may only be used by a physician or in accordance with medical instructions. The VivanoMed wound dressing kits are only intended for single use. The application must be carried out maintaining a strict sterile / aseptic technique in accordance with the physician’s instructions and established standards of medical practice.

Step 1: Removal of debris

Remove debris, necrotic tissue, hard exudates and scab.

The wound must be thoroughly cleansed and rinsed with physiological saline or irrigating solution. Cleanse the surrounding skin and dab dry to remove any body fluids. Ensure that the affected skin area is greasefree before applying the dressing.

Step 2: Applying VivanoMed Foam

Cut the VivanoMed Foam with sterile scissors so that it fits the size and shape of the wound to be treated. Then introduce the foam material into the wound. When cutting the foam material to shape make sure that no small pieces of foam fall into the wound.
Step 3

Applying Hydrofilm®

Then seal the wound with the VivanoMed Foam with the Hydrofilm film dressing. It must be ensured that the film dressing coversat least 5 cm of intact skin all around the wound. If necessary, the film dressing can be cut to shape. Apply the film dressing in accordance with the printed instructions (numbering) and mould it to shape in order to achieve an
airtight covering.

Remove backing paper

To facilitate the application, the backing papers are marked with
numbers, representing the application steps from 1 to 4. Start with removing number 1.

Position Hydrofilm®

Position Hydrofilm, adhesive side down, on one side of the wound.
Then remove backing paper and apply the other side.

Remove transparent backing paper No. 3

Do this by grabbing the printed part of the transparent backing paper (number 3).

Remove transparent backing paper No. 4

Finally remove the last transparent backing paper (number 4) and smooth out the Hydrofilm on the skin in order to achieve an airtight covering.
Step 4

Applying VivanoTec Port

The VivanoTec Port is the connection between the wound and the VivanoTec unit. When placing the VivanoTec Port please consider the direction of the tubing is most convenient for the patient afterwards.

Prepare Hydrofilm®

Then select a point on the film dressing where the VivanoTecPort is
to be applied and cut a hole of approx. 2 cm in diameter into the film. In doing so make sure that the foam material is not perforated.

Place VivanoTec® Port

Remove one protective paper and place the port so that the centre
of the port is precisely above the prepared hole in the film dressing.

Then remove the second half of the protective paper and smooth
out film. After this remove the remaining protective paper frame.

Step 5: Connect the VivanoTec Exudate Canister with the drainage tube

Take the sterile exudate canister out of the peel package.

Make sure that the attached piece of tube does not drop on an unsterile surface. Now place the container attachment at a slightly inclined angle into the guide pins of the device. Fold the exudate canister in the direction of the negative pressure unit until it clicks
into place.

Plug the tube ends into each other in order to connect the port with the canister.

Step 6

Starting the therapy

Switch on the negative pressure unit and select between continuous and intermittent mode by pressing "Int" or "Cont" key.

Continuous mode

The preset negative pressure level is 125 mmHg. To adapt the pressure level touch the “Plus” or “Minus” keys.
To start therapy, touch the “Start” key.

Now the set pressure level remains constant.

Intermittent mode

The intermittent mode changes between two different pressure
levels in the set time.
To get to the intermittent mode press “Int”. If you would like to change the settings, press “Int” again.
Touch the value you would like to change. With “Plus” and “Minus”
you can alter the settings. To save the newly set values touch the
“Arrow” key.
To start therapy, touch the “Start” key.

"Constant patient surveillance
- Thank you Vivano. "

Vivano watches out

In case of malfunctions, a visual and acoustic warning signal appears immediately.
Self-explanatory symbols help to react correctly.