Negative pressure wound therapy

One of the most innovative approaches in the treatment of wounds

Negative pressure wound therapy.

To promote accelerated wound healing.

Negative Pressure is applied to the sealed wound which removes excess wound exudate
and stimulates formation of new granulation tissue. Allowing the wound to heal quickly.

Negative pressure therapy

The wound is filled with foam and sealed in an airtight manner with a transparent film dressing.

The negative pressure is generated by the suction mechanism of a negative pressure device.

The unit continuously removes excessive exudate, and effectively cleans the wound bed.

Safe and Efficient

The use of negative pressure stimulates the proliferation
of granulation tissue, allowing wound healing to be
  • Improvement of wound bed blood circulation
  • Promotion of wound contraction
  • Preventing cross infections by closed system
  • Removal of toxins and reduction of germ infestation
  • Reduction of wound oedema